the Signs

He left a post-it note on the board in the office and gave a sign with his hand to Alice before he went for a cigarette. She could only translate the sign as asking her to check it out. He was scared the girl of his dreams would say no, so he dared not be around to see her reaction when she reads it.

The note read, “I have been planning to ask you this a long time now. I can’t wait any longer. Marry me?”

At first glance she thought the note was not meant for her, he told her before that he had a crush on Natasha, but then maybe it was only a crush and she was the real deal. Besides, he asked her to read it, there was no way it would be a mistake. She kept staring at the note, happy beyond any words could ever describe. She used to desperately imagine it a thousand times in her head over and over again. She couldn’t believe it has eventually happened.

He came back to the office after a few minutes. She was expecting him to come ask her what she thought, but he only went straight to his desk. He was a shy kind of guy and so she didn’t give that much attention. At the office it was just him, her and Natasha; each on their desks. Natasha started talking to him about something, but he seemed quite uninterested in anything she said. He was barely replying to her. Alice wanted to tell him about her answer but she felt Natasha was interrupting their moment. So, she walked to the door and asked him to come with her.

“Alice, did she take the note? It doesn’t look like she read it!” He said anxiously.

Alice was more shocked by how peacefully she received that sentence, without maybe having a mental breakdown, than she was by his actual words.

“Oh! You mean she is not reacting properly to what you asked?” She quickly said.

“Yeah, she is talking as if it’s nothing. Could she be ignoring it?”

“Or maybe the note fell somewhere before she gets to read it. Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.”

She went back inside, took the note and put it on Natasha’s bag and left, without him noticing where the note initially was and without Natasha noticing what she just did.

It was only a moment before Natasha saw the note. She read it silently then again out loud as if she was trying to convince her mind that it was real. She immediately took a pen and wrote “Yes” on the note below his question and went over to stick it to his desk, wearing the prettiest smile.  A few minutes passed and the whole office turned into a joyful dreamland full of laughter and congratulatory words and blessings for the couple.

Alice came back to see how it all went. She was just standing there at the door, watching them. She was trying to somehow find comfort in their happiness to ease her bitterness. Natasha noticed her; she went quickly and hugged her tight. It was a long hug that almost killed Alice’s negative feelings towards Natasha. It got her to feel Natasha’s genuineness.

They walked back inside the office, and as everyone sat down and began their side talks, Natasha asked Alice, jokingly, “You don’t feel bad about that, do you? I mean, you don’t really like him anymore, right?”

“What are you talking about? Of course, not! When did I ever say I liked him anyway?” Alice asked.

“When I first got here, it looked like you two had a thing for each other. It was too obvious to go unnoticed.” Natasha replied.

“Oh! No, don’t worry, that was nothing. I mean if it were anything, you wouldn’t have been the one he proposes to, right?” Alice said.

Natasha smiled in excitement as she turned her head to look at him and so did Alice.


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