A Mind Trick

I write this letter to add it to the pile of letters I have previously written with nowhere to send them. And even though I know they will never be read, there is still some satisfaction in writing them. I will tell you about my new lover. He is just like me when I was … Continue reading A Mind Trick


A World of Delusion

It must be a challenge indeed; being that ambitious but also so indifferent; to dream of having a powerful impact on the world and to want nothing to do with the world at the same time; to want to be the center of the universe and to wish to be left alone and forgotten. It … Continue reading A World of Delusion


She walked out of the building after leaving her resignation note and towards the park on the other side of the street, hoping to get some air as her burdened mind suffocated her. Sitting there on one of the lined up white benches, watching the life breathing around her in the trees and the birds … Continue reading Bane